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Which Are The Most-delicious Italian Pizza Varieties Liked By People?

On visiting Italy, you’ll come to know about the pizza variations which you may never have come across earlier. If you want to try out the exotic versions of the pizza, then please visit an Italian restaurant in Sandstone. There you will come to know how much has been left in our journey to explore the pizza.

So in today’s article, we are going to know about the most exotic Italian pizza varieties. Are you ready to begin?

  • Pizza Napoletana

This is the specialty of every Italian Restaurant. To praise it in the heavy words, we can even say, “It is only this variety of the pizza because of which Italian food in Moreton Bay is acclaimed.” The dough to make the pizza pie consists of all the following;

  • Wheat

  • Flour

  • Yeast

  • Salt

  • Water

Here’s the secret!

The dough is left to rise for about 24 hours. The 3 mm thick pizza base is then topped with the authentic vegetable (chopped) and then it is put in the wood-burning oven where it is heated at 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Pizza Alla Pala

The origin of this pizza is found in the Roman Bakeries where the paddle pizzas were created with the leftover bread dough. If it is to be compared with the Napoletana pizza, then the dough is more hydrated. Instead of being cooked in the wood-burning oven, it is cooked in the electric oven at around 580 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Pizza Tonda Romana

Rome has not only gifted us with “ Pizza Alla Pala”. Rather ‘Pizza Tonda Romana’ is another variation of pizza for which the entire credit goes to the capital city of Italy. This is the crispiest pizza that gives the sound of a nice crunch from the bottom when put in the mouth. Its crust can rightly be defined in the following term:

Cracker Like Crust’

  • Pizza al Taglio

The meaning of the name of this pizza variety is ‘Pizza by the cut’. If you are a lover of the flavours found on the Italian streets, then this is surely for you. It is baked in a large and rectangular pan.

Do you know what’s special about it?

The price of each slice is determined by the total weight. And the customers can choose how big they want their slice to be.

  • Pizza Fritta

This is a unique kind of pizza. The dough of this pizza variation is fried. These are considered the best street food in Puglia. But these have emerged out to be the most relished tradition for the people of Italy.

  • Pizza al Padellino

It is baked in round and extremely small-sized pans. The speciality of this type is its soft crust that is allowed to brown very slowly. People like it most because of the use of mozzarella in abundance.

Final Comments!

Italian Pizza Varieties are the most unique of the kinds. We may not imagine how brilliant they taste until we have them in our mouths.

So when are you going to order any of these varieties?

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