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A place for all your pizza goals with a perfect dine-in. We provide the dining service where you get to make memories of a lifetime with food options like wood-fired pizzas char grill steaks. fresh pasta, seafood, and many more.


Live Music Night

Take the bite of your favorite pizza and enjoy the live music night every Sunday. Step into the world of Steakout Pizzeria and you will get that good vibe instantly, which will crave you to come often.


Contactless Food Delivery

Do you want to have never seen before online/delivery service? Steakout Pizzeria provides you the service to skip the queue and order online anything from pizza to pasta.


Italian Restaurant in Sandstone Point, Moreton Bay | Steakout Pizzeria

Grounded To Italian Flavours: Enjoy Italian Food Treat With Pasta, Woodfired Pizza, Chicken Pizza, & Seafood. Steakout Pizzeria Is A Multi-tiered Italian Place Where The Most Smacking Italian Meal Is Prepared In Australia. Our Chef’s Fiercely Cooking Methods Make Everything Look Effortless, And Your Taste Buds Will Understand The Meaning Of ‘Delight’!

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Margherita $16.00 /Serve
BBQ Meat $21.00 /Serve
Supreme $22.00 /Serve
Kalamata Prawns $22.00 /Serve
Slammer $23.00 /Serve
Chilli Sea $22.00 /Serve
Risotto Mushroom $15.90 /Serve
Seafood Risotto $26.90 /Serve
Spaghetti Marinara $26.90 /Serve
Chicken Parmigiana $17.90 /Serve
Pollo Al Funghi $23.90 /Serve
Polo Naptune $24.90 /Serve
Potato Wedges $8.90 /Serve
Garden Salad $6.90 /Serve
Nuggets & Chips $10.00 /Serve
Can of Soft Drink $3.50 /Serve
Ginger Beer $4.50 /Serve
Lemon Lime Bitter $4.50 /Serve

Food For Self-Care

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Are you craving something good? Steakout Pizzeria will make that possible for you within a few clicks. Let us know if there are any special requirements and we will get that done for you.


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    Thomas Sugg

    My family and I often visit Steakout Pizzeria to have a good time over our favorite pizza meal. We especially love to visit on the live music night. Their menu has an ample number of food options. I would highly recommend you to visit here!

    Mia Oscar

    Steakout pizzeria is my go-to place whenever I crave to have pizza and pasta. The best part is their perfect dine-in space and fresh food with top quality. Every bite gives an explosion of taste. Kudos! To the chef, for making such tasty dishes.

    Poppy Buttler

    If you want to taste the mouth-watering pizza, then Steakout Pizzeria should be your last and first option. From taking the order to serving the meal, the staff takes care of everything. Their hospitality is what makes me choose them every time I think of having tasty food!


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    Your Food Paradise

    The Steakout Pizzeria family welcomes you! We combine food, family, friends, and fun dining. It is not just about fulfilling your belly but you should taste the deliciousness with every bite you take. Our commitment is to keep quality and freshness 100% and nothing less than that. Following the traditional approach but with a modern twist, we want to set a new benchmark in the world of pizza. Eat Hearty!

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